NWOGEO Reorganizational meeting 2

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NWOGEO Reorganizational meeting 2

Postby BlackBrownDog » Mon 2008-06-23, 02:37:59

Tuesday, 06/10/2008 Re-organizational Meeting #2

BlackBrownDog (aka Mrs. BBD)
BlackBrownDog (aka Mr. BBD)
On'D Hunt
Scouter Joe

Reorganizational Meeting Minutes:

Minutes were posted on the web site.
Approved by hand vote with an abstention by Cheech
Old Business
Jslagle - found an online group on non-profits. Liability tends to flow to the organizer of an event. Will open thread on NWO to discuss. $125 filing fee. Needed: Board & Bylaws.
Non-Profit LLC
LLC - liability does not flow to the statutory agent
Unincorporated Association
Still required to file with the state and create bylaws
Liability Issues
MIGO forces a liability waiver upon joining
Liability waivers could be signed at the beginning of an event.
George - Banking
We can open an account now, but would be unconventional. A tax ID number is usually needed to set up an account. Needed:
Incorporate, not necessary to file tax return.
Acquire Tax ID
Checking account could be formed probably for free
Dual signatures require a fee.

Recommendation to the general membership
1. Create an LLC
2. Structure
a. President (Principle officer or statutory agent) (Voting)
b. Treasurer (Voting)
c. Webmaster
d. Secretary (Voting)
e. Sub-Committee roles
a) Events
i) Christmas
ii) Spring
iii) CITO'
One. Highways
Two. Litz Barn
iv) Meet&Eats
v) Educational 101's (Jen)
b) Park Liason
i) Metro-Parks
ii) Wood county parks
c) Venture Crew Advisor
f. Two members at Large (Voting)
3. ByLaws should mirror, with appropriate changes, MIGO
4. Committee (Job) Positions can be perpetual and/or appointed

NWO geographic area - See wikipedia article.
What would define a member?
Should a member be voting or non-member?

Vote: Should NWOGEO be incorporated as a LLC?
Question called by Mr. BBD
Seconded by: Mrs. BBD
Vote: unanimous in favor.

Vote: Executive board to be 5 members
Question Called: MightyMo
Seconded by: Jslagle
Vote: unanimous in favor.

Action Item:
1. Jslagle - dig up bylaws and articles of incorporation for review
2. Jslagle - Post a link to Ohio non-profit page.
3. Scouter Joe - Post on the public forums the minutes
4. All - Review and be ready to approve bylaws by next meeting
5. Scouter Joe - Post Mission & Vision
6. Mrs. BBD - Delete the old minutes thread

Next Meeting Date: Thursday June 26th - 6:30 pm

Please note the date of the next meeting. Anyone interested in the future and direction of NWOGEO is invited to these meetings. Contact Jslagle through this site to become involved in the reorganizational process if you are interested.

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