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Re: GPS recomendations

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Mon 2010-11-01, 03:13:07

Garmin has a page on their site where you can click to compare the various "On the Trial" models:

Here is another good site that has a similar comparison chart of Garmin's "On the Trail" models:

The letters in the various model names do actually have specific meanings.
"H" means high GPS sensitivity. Great when in the woods.
"C" means color display. Much easier to tell things apart than with a greyscale only model.
"x" means that it can accept a memory card, so that it is not dependent entirely on the built in memory.

Of course the more you want, the more it will cost. The Garmin comparison site, even has a "GPS Friendly" category, which just means it has extra features specifically for geocaching.

Hope that helps.

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Re: GPS recomendations

Postby Qdog88 » Mon 2010-11-01, 05:18:34

yep it does
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