Benchmarking 102: Using DS World for datasheets

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Benchmarking 102: Using DS World for datasheets

Postby GrizzFlyer » Sun 2011-04-24, 22:31:56

NOAA has recently released an updated version of its benchmarking program DS World. While the previous method listed in Benchmarking 101 still works, this program makes locating and manipulating benchmarks much easier. Once the program is installed, just a few mouse clicks will give you a graphical presentation of the benchmarks chosen using Google Earth. This tutorial is designed to just get the program working on your computer and get you introduced to it. It is not intended to be the complete authority on DS World.

To install DS World v2.10, download it from here:

This is a 7.25mb zipped program. Unzip the file and install DS World by running <setup.exe>. This will install DS World on your Windows PC. I have used it on Windows XP SP3, and Vista 64. Works great on those 2 platforms. I have not tried it on Windows 7.

The install program does not give you the option to create a desktop icon, and in this case merely copying the executable file to the desktop will not work. You can create a desktop startup icon by going into your file manager and locating where you installed the program. If you choose the defaults during installation, it will be in C:\Program Files\DS World (Windows XP) or C:\x86 Programs\DS World (Vista). Right-click on <DSWorld.exe> and choose <create shortcut>. This will install a shortcut to the program on your desktop.

Click on this new desktop icon to start the program. It is assumed that you have a good internet connection, and that you have Google Earth installed. The FIRST THING you want to do is go to <Tools> <Update Program>. This will install any updates made since the original zip file was created.

To use the program, go to <Stations> <Published> and then choose which locating criteria you prefer. It is easiest to start with <State> <County>. Use the pull down menus to choose which state and county you want benchmarks for. For <Select Type> use <Any Type> and for <Select Stability> use <0-Any Stability>. You can always change these any time on the future if you so desire. Then left-click on the big blue and white NOAA box at the bottom.

The program will then fetch the PID’s you selected, open Google Earth and display all those PID’s in a graphical format. Hover your mouse over the benchmark icon of your choice, and a single left-click will bring up a box with several options. You can choose to view the entire NGS datasheet <Datasheet>, or just the shorter description-only <Description>, or look at any NGS photos of that benchmark <Photos>. Most of the benchmarks do not have NGS photos, and those that do are often taken from Geocaching’s logs. Click on <Geocache: Recovery>, and that will automatically bring up the geocaching page for that benchmark.

DS World has many more options, you can explore them as your interest peaks in benchmarking. Charter Member
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Re: Benchmarking 102: Using DS World for datasheets

Postby TeamMina » Sun 2011-04-24, 22:39:50

Since our iphones don't have a benchmark-locaing application yet, this might be something cool to mess with on a rainy day...and there's four of those a-coming.

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Re: Benchmarking 102: Using DS World for datasheets

Postby RustyNail09 » Sat 2011-04-30, 23:36:18

Stickied for ya sir!

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