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Designing sig card and pathtags, low prices

Posted: Wed 2009-07-29, 23:17:38
by Keger8
Hello, i am designing sig/calling cards and pathtags. I am trying to make money to buy myself some pathtags. For the cards i will charging a little bit more than the cost of the paper and ink. Can laminate if you wish also. I can design pathtags for about $3. I am doing this for fun and thats why they are being done so cheap. Will email designs for approval before printing cards, and will email blueprints for pathtags. Cash/ money order only, send it after you approve my designs please. Will contact you with details.

50 sig cards:$4, laminated: $8
100 sig cards: $8 laminated: $12
(can order up to 500 at a time)
pathtag designs: $3, add $1 for each after that

Re: Designing sig card and pathtags, low prices

Posted: Thu 2009-07-30, 20:42:20
by Keger8
made some price changes today, lowered by about $4 per 50 and $10 per 100. Change due to price drop in supplies needed.