Guidelines for this Forum Topic Thread

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Guidelines for this Forum Topic Thread

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Wed 2010-03-24, 18:49:55

This forum thread is a repository for all those fun, quirky, and downright strange spam posts we periodically get here on NWOGEO.

When a spam post is idendified, please notify a system administrator so the proper action can be taken.

Typical actions taken:
- If post is family friendly and the source for fun replies, then it is moved to this forum. Otherwise it is deleted.
- Any links with the post are removed.
- Any links within the user's profile are removed.
- The rank of the user posting the spam is changed to be "I am a suspended spammer".
- The priviledges of the user is changed to "suspended" and note are made on their account of when and who suspended them.

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