Where is the Spam

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Where is the Spam

Postby cheechgang » Wed 2011-11-23, 20:30:01

With the onset of winter I think we need to let a little Spam back in for entertainment purposes.

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Re: Where is the Spam

Postby Mighty_Mo » Wed 2011-11-23, 21:46:34

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Re: Where is the Spam

Postby OCCD » Thu 2011-11-24, 00:18:15

Doesn't SPAM stand for Spiced Pork and Meat? No that's not it, its Squirrel Possum and Mouse. Something Posing As Meat? Wait a minute, it's Sending Particularly Annoying Messages. Yeah, that's it!

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Re: Where is the Spam

Postby OnDHunt » Thu 2011-11-24, 16:21:19

A gang from occupy McDonald's has something to say on this subject!
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