How to embed YouTube videos in your posts.

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How to embed YouTube videos in your posts.

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Mon 2009-02-09, 18:20:40

2010/12/16 Update: This post no longer applies to our site with the new phpBB software. The command is now built-in. When creating a post use the Image icon to embed the video.

Have you ever wanted to embed a YouTube video inside your post so that people only have to press a "Play" to see it?

Here is how.

1) Select and Copy (CTR-C) the URL of the YouTube page you want or click on the URL box on the right side of the page and then Copy (CTRL-C).

2) Create a form post here on NWOGEO and click on the Image "FLASH" Button in the forum post editor.

3) Paste the URL into the box. (CTRL-V), but do NOT hit enter yet.

4) Edit the URL by changing the "?v=" to "/v/" and then add a ".swf " to the end of the URL. Now hit enter!

5) Leave the remaining parameters at their default values so that the video player is not too big for the forum. (Making it too big will force users to have a nasty horizontal scroll bar in their browser for the entire forum thread.)

As a courtesy, it would be a good idea to also include the original URL as a link so that readers can still visit the actual YouTube page if they like.

Example using the "NWOGEO on the CBC" video on YouTube:

Original URL:

Code: Select all

Edited URL:

Code: Select all

[flash width=250 height=200][/flash]

YouTube Link:

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