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Re: Steering Committee Voting

Postby SuchaNana » Thu 2015-10-15, 06:36:23

shucks no, we gave y'all a few weeks to get it done - some are not as Quick n Speedy as Swoop when it comes to caching related activities... :wink:

besides, y'all know how i am with math n counting, :roll: so let's wait for jen to get resettled in after her memorable vacation !!
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Re: Steering Committee Voting

Postby cachergirl27 » Mon 2015-10-26, 16:09:47

Hey y'all. Back from vaca, and we will be wrapping up the voting on 10/31, as stated in the voting link. If you haven't voted, please do! Results will be tallied and announced shortly* thereafter.

*where shortly is defined by when Suchanana & I can get together to do so! :)

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Re: Steering Committee Voting

Postby NWOGEO » Tue 2015-11-03, 23:49:01

Results being tabulated, steering committee nominees being notified with full disclosure totals forthcoming upon audit completion... stay tuned :roll:

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