Food & Drink!!!

Event planning for the 2010 Holiday Shindig.

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Re: Food & Drink!!!

Postby cachergirl27 » Wed 2010-12-08, 14:03:52

armygreenx wrote:
TheBearclaws wrote:Looking forward to trying some of the edible sillybands.

That is just silly...

See Giz's post in the Non-Caching Activities forum.....only HE would find something like this for us....

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Re: Food & Drink!!!

Postby diamond1949 » Fri 2010-12-10, 00:03:55

Sandwich buns,mustard, mayo, ketchup, sliced cheese and cold cut tray.

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Re: Food & Drink!!!

Postby hammbh » Fri 2010-12-10, 02:48:51

I'm bringing shredded chicken sandwiches. (It's the only thing I know how to make :? )

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Re: Food & Drink!!!

Postby andog » Sat 2010-12-11, 15:55:07

I'm bringing tater chips. It's the only thing I know how to make :o)

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Re: Food & Drink!!!

Postby Flash_Burn » Sat 2010-12-11, 16:02:00

Hello everyone...
Mrs Flash_Burn and myself will bring a tray of summer sausage, & snack sticks.. as well as a tray of olives and pickles, along with a warm dish of vegies like green bean casserol, or something to that extent,, just need to know which warm dish to bring so there isnt 2 or 3 of the same dish...thanks...Flash_Burn


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