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New, seasoned, and future geocachers, and those just curious about geocaching. Everyone of all ages WELCOME to NWOGEO Meet & Eat Meetings...
Choose from either Maumee, Oh or Findlay, Oh - the location will be in the Cache Event Title.
Geocaching.com lists them in the newsletter emailed to you...
(or you can click on the link below)

Often we only know our fellow cachers by their online profiles, forum posts and cache logs! Here is a chance to put a face or faces to those geocaching names, in person.
Look for an Event table for name tags, our log book, TRACKABLES and SIGNATURE ITEMS. Please wear a name tag if they are available, or bring your own,
so that we know you are attending the Meet & Eat and not just a regular customer. Name tags make it much easier to socialize!
For those who have never signed our log book before, peek inside the front cover for an extra little surprise! (Note that the log look is usually only at the Maumee Meet & Eat.) You are welcome to bring your Trackables and Signature Items to these events to show, discover and/or swap.
Before you leave, please be considerate, and BE SURE to reclaim any of your items that were not claimed by others.
With free WiFi service, you can bring your WiFi enabled devices to review photos, caches and logs, visit our local NWOGEO website and discuss geocaching software.

There are NWOGEO members with knowledge about caching and mapping software, paperless caching, Geocaching.com technology, cache page HTML, computer & GPS programming and more. Bring your caching and technology questions and someone will try to address them.

We prefer our M&E locations to have the following features: comfortable atmosphere; handicap accessible; family friendly; open seating; brightly lit; low ambient noise; conveniently located; good, reasonably priced food ; self-service; and with free Wireless Internet service (WiFi). These features allow us to come and go at our own convenience, enjoy friendly conversation, show & tell, and mingle easily.

While no single location will serve all cachers in NW Ohio perfectly, the following two restaurants were chosen as great locations to hold our Meet & Eats:

Schlotzsky’s Deli 1419 S. Reynolds Rd. (US-20) Maumee OH.....Monthly 1st Tuesday-6:30-8:30pm ......Located just ½ mile south of the I-80/90 Ohio Turnpike, Exit #71, and 1½ miles east from the I-475/US-23, Salisbury/Dussel Rd. Exit #6........The restaurant is just north of Holland Rd. in Maumee. Since S. Reynolds is a divided highway, you must enter from Holland Rd. via the hotel or adjacent driveways, if you approach from northbound US-20 or Holland Rd.
(Note that US-20 is Conant St. south of Holland Rd, and S. Reynolds north of Holland Rd.)

Panera Bread 1971 Tiffin Avenue (US-224) Findlay, OH.....Monthly on 3rd Thursday-7:00-9pm.....Located 4½ miles from the I-75 Trenton Av.(US-224) Exit #159, following US-224 to Tiffin Av., or 4 miles east from I-75 W. Main Course St (OH12) Exit # 157, following OH12 to Tiffin Av. (US-224).

View more NWOGEO sponsored and/or member supported Events at NWOGEO EVENT CACHES @ GC.com
(In case you forgot to log an event, you may also use this link to find the event once it has been archived.)

2015 Monthly NWOGEO Meeting Dates:
Maumee --March 3 --April 7 --May 5 --June 2--July 7--August 4--September 1 --October 6--November 3--December 1

Findlay --March 19 --April 16 --May 21 --June 18 --July 16 --August 20--September 17--October 15--November 19--December 17
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