Geocaching Will and Testament

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Geocaching Will and Testament

Post by Starkacher »

After the loss of our good geofriend Mighty-Mo, there was often questions as to what should (or can legally) be done with his geocaches and geocache listings. The question of what were "his" wishes was left to his family to state to I thought that it might be wise to have a "Geocaching Will and Testament" to clearly state my wishes. Maybe you would want to state your wishes here also.

If for any reason I (geoname Starkacher) become unable, or unwilling, to maintain my geocaches or geocache listings, I hereby state my desire for (or its representatives) to grant access to my account(s) to any member of the then current NWOGEO steering committee (based on a requested from that committee) or to a person appointed by that group. That person (or group) has the authority to decide what geocaches should continue to be maintained on my account, archived or adopted (and should hereby have the ability to do so).
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