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NWOGEO members achieving their 1,000th find will receive the Golden Ammo Can Award, presented to them by the prior winner, at annual Holiday Shindig...

We are fast approaching the 2016 Holiday Shindig and here is the list of Golden Ammo Can recipients/givers:

leading us off will be: BARDENBELLA (last receiver in 2015) will present to --BJAK13... reached 1,000 Jan 1,2016

...Please advise DATE when you hit your 1,000 mark along with the GC cache number- thanks

If you do NOT plan on attending the 12/4 shindig, and are on this list, PLEASE let me know if you're willing to make a can for the next person or if we should take you off the list.
If you get a can, you give a can. Perhaps you did not get yours yet from prior years, let us know, that still counts...

We will need to know NO LATER than 11/22/2016 to give folks time to make their cans. Thanks!
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